The [Speculative] Evolution of Ilion

In 2012 I was in the thick of college, stealing moments in every lecture whenever there was a gap in Important Information That Will Be On The Test to put down some ink. Lectures were never boring, even when the content was. I always had an ear on the professor and an eye on whatever I was drawing at the time.

Phylogeny of Red Plant Derivatives

An early red plant derivative phylogeny. Surprisingly little has changed.



I seem to have a fascination with people being impaled on spikes that would rival Joss Whedon’s

Sometimes the drawings invaded my notes. Sometimes they even augmented my notes. But just as often, the real world science I was absorbing leaked into my pen and made its way into a monster of a project that was shaping up to define this decade of my life as an artist.


An Odyssey II scene on the pocket of a folder


Some familiar faces and scenes in this very early Odyssey brainstorm, but sadly no gargoyles.


Metroid may have been an influence


An unrelated cow picture

I have many more early sketches, but they’re in another city so they’ll have to wait. I want to preserve them here for myself more than anything, so I don’t have to keep storing them in a room I’m still paying rent for and not even living in.

In the mean time, I’ve made this.


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