Whalefall on Ilion

Like on Earth, a “whalefall” on Ilion can bring together a great number of lifeforms in the sparsely populated deep sea.

Ilion’s deep seas are dominated by small, ghostly fish of varied ancestry. While the shallows favor red plant derivatives, the depths harbor mostly pinhole fish and other basal motilia. Only a few of the younger red plant derivative lineages are represented here, most notably the thoracostomes known as reverse sawfish.

Reverse sawfish are raylike stackeyed thraxes. Their fourteen fins usually arrange themselves into a flattened front half and a whiplike tail used for foraging, locomotion, and courtship.

Pinhole fish are related to the ancestor of red plants. They have existed in some form for over two hundred million Earth years and are found in waterways across the planet, including the antisolar hydrothermal vents.

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2 Responses to Whalefall on Ilion

  1. Maddie says:

    I love this~

  2. Maia Spencer says:

    Beautiful! So satisfying to see these animals from many evolutionary branches participating in the same deep sea ecology!

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