travelogue cover front

Travelogue chronicles the first two missions to Ilion, told entirely in journal entries and other primary source documents, and illustrated with drawings, paintings, and dioramas. It is a work in progress ā€“ entries and illustrations may be added or removed at any time as I flesh out the world, develop the characters and stories, and improve my art skills. When finished, Travelogue will be a trilogy of three novellas. The first two are online, while the third is still in the early drafting phase.

Part 1

Five astronauts brave the first journey to an extrasolar planet, where the worst dangers are just out of sight.

Odyssey I Mission Patch jpg

Interlude: The Longest Distance

An Odyssey astronaut tries not to get too comfortable between missions.


Part 2

Perched on the edge of the world, a team of scientists struggles to work and survive in a harsh land that doesn’t seem to want to let them go.

Odyssey II Mission Patch

Interlude: Small Adventures

An Odyssey veteran settles into a fulfilling, if brief, retirement on Earth.

life on other worlds


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