About the Project

If you like plausible aliens, otherworldly landscapes, and human perspectives, then you’re in the right place.

Ilion is a planet I’ve constructed and populated with lifeforms of my own design. See my thread on Speculative Evolution for an idea of what this entails. There are a lot of great projects on that site to delve into if you’re interested in that sort of thing, and you’ll learn a lot about evolutionary biology along the way.

Travelogue chronicles the first two missions to Ilion, told entirely in journal entries and other primary source documents, and illustrated with drawings, paintings, and dioramas. It is a work in progress – entries and illustrations may be added or removed at any time as I flesh out the world, develop the characters and stories, and improve my art skills. When finished, Travelogue will be a trilogy of three novellas. The first two are online, while the third is still in the early drafting phase.

Aeneid I covers the first mission to the continent of Aeneas, framed as news articles.

Helen of Troy features images and reports from an unmanned mission that seeded Ilion with over a hundred probes, rovers, submersibles, and planes.

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About the Author

I am Emily Holland, a lab technician who indulges in art, music, and writing on the side. I work in every medium except colored pencils. I never quite got the hang of those.

Rhinoceros Beetle, 2009


I draw inspiration from the works of Wayne Barlowe, Anne McCaffrey, NASA, C.M. Kosemen, Nintendo, Earth, and more.

And most of all:

A Shameless Plug for my Dad

Pescadery Creek by Denny Holland

Pescadero Creek, 2011

Denny Holland is a professional artist and teacher of interior design. Check out his work:



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