Greetings, Explorer

Ilion is a tidally locked planet orbiting a red dwarf star. Strap in – there’s a lot to see.

Anatomy of Starruses

Head over to Ilion to learn everything there is to know about the exoplanet and its inhabitants. This is the guided tour, with everything laid out by species, biome, and history.

Sea IceGo to Travelogue to read a more personal story about Ilion’s first human visitors. Consider this the unguided tour. Enter at your own risk.

bioluminescenceTurn left onto Aeneid I to catch up on news related to the fourth manned mission to the planet.

hidden lake cetusBe sure to pay Helen of Troy a visit if you want to see what the robotic probes are finding. Observe Ilion from a safe distance.

P1670305Follow the Update Logs if you want to watch the project evolve.