An Even Longer Distance

A while back, I started writing a piece for Travelogue that ended up being way longer than the average passage. It would have thrown off the pacing like nothing else – “why are we still on this character?” – if I’d put it in the main text. So I didn’t, and dumped it instead in an update log where I knew it would get buried and eventually fossilize. It’s not even a complete fossil. I wasn’t satisfied with how it started, so I borrowed a passage from Odyssey II and called it a day. It was like reconstructing a dinosaur – I had a jawbone, partial skull, and some arm bones, but had to infer the rest using fossils from a related species.

I’m not entirely sure how this happened, but about a week ago I started writing again and realized I had found the skeleton’s other half. So here’s the full raptor, feathers and all.

The Longest Distance

As promised, it gets its own page as it works best as an intermission bridging Odyssey I and II.

And with that, my Drafts page just got 3062 words shorter.

Coloring Book – Calavera Caverns
calavera caverns

This was a rest stop for windborne calaveras, a shelter from the merciless winds above. It was a place for the weak to sink and succumb to the myriad decomposers that made the stalagmites appear to writhe. There was not enough floor space for the millions of creatures that fed on the fallen. Within minutes of crawling into the cavern we found ourselves covered head to toe in bugs of all sorts. There were times when I thought my torch battery had run out only to find that my faceplate had become solid mask of suction feet and radulae.


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4 Responses to An Even Longer Distance

  1. keenir says:

    *goes to the link*
    kinda surprised she didn’t try to talk Alex out of going.

    >I thought you were a software engineer. Did your code fail catastrophically or something?”
    and she’s thinking “no, I don’t work at the Laundry.” :)

    this is a terrific chapter.

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