Pinhole Fish

Diamondpins, a diverse and colorful group of pinhole fish, thrive in the tropics. They are known for their bold patterns and exceptional color vision, with each eye seeing a different color. Diamondpins are one of the few animals that can use and see blue structural pigment.

Added to Motilia

These guys remind me of the creatures of Subnautica.

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5 Responses to Pinhole Fish

  1. Banelord says:

    Beautiful new images! I’ve been curious for quite some time now if basal motilia are found all across the planet (namely in freshwater, sea caves, and the like) or if they’re just saltwater organisms.

  2. Pai of the Mountains says:

    They’re so beautiful! I’m glad that we can see more of their diversity lately

  3. SpaceChad says:

    WOAHHHH these are amazing! I’m so glad I found this website ESPECIALLY considering the fact that I’m trying to do something similar for my own worldbuilding project! Currently I am making a super-Earth (1.7G) in the TW Pisces system (aka Fomalhaut B). Since it orbits a K-class star it has way less volatility to decrease it’s probability for life, and because a K-class fuses for longer it has a way higher chance for developing life! The planet is SUPER wet and due to it’s relatively new continents it has massive mountain ranges that are as tall as the Himalayas. It has massive amounts of biodiversity, but there are some…quirks to the climate. First off, Eden has an axial tilt of 152.8 deg, meaning it has retrograde rotation (like Venus!) but it also has much more extreme seasons and thus in the hadley cell you get WAY more tropical monsoon biomes rather than tropical rainforest which is super awesome. And that’s only ONE planet. Delphi is another which has massive deserts in it’s Ferrel cell regions, hyperboreal regions at the poles, and massive wide spanning tropics regions that are lush yet exotic. Mountain ranges to the north and south act as massive rainshadows, keeping the humidity at the equator (which is created due to the geysers from a sub-surface ocean network!) its too much to put into words right now lol but there’s a lot going on

    hit me up on discord (spacechad#2925) if you want to know more :)

    I LOVE your project you have going here, the detail and depth is AMAZING! THIS is what sci-fi should be imo, not the handwavium unrealistic shit we have now. This is infinitely more interesting.

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