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Update Log – 8/17/14

Ilion Devil’s archer was clogging the Monodonts page so now it has its own. Added related species to Devil’s Archer Odyssey Added to Taxa Notes Overhaul Report #2 You may have noticed I changed the name of Commander Kim. The … Continue reading

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…And leave no breadcrumbs

Instead of doing all my Odyssey II rewriting behind closed doors, I thought it would be best to use these update logs to track my progress. This is more for myself than anything. Odyssey Illustrations in “Guinea Pigs” Overhaul Report … Continue reading

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Update Log – 8/10/14

I don’t have a lot to say about this update. I’m still writing inside Odyssey I, quietly overhauling Odyssey II, and planning an ambitious side project which you might hear about later if it comes to fruition. I also wrote … Continue reading

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Update Log – 8/1/14

I spent the last two nights writing a 1500 word short story. It is set in the universe of Travelogue and focuses on the friends and family of three Odyssey astronauts as they watch a shuttle flight unfold from Earth. … Continue reading

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