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Why the traffic jam all of a sudden?

Oh, it’s just a giant bottleneck.   Advertisements

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You know what they say about idle hands – they make new clades. The group in question, hookbacks, is not up yet but in the process I went back and updated the red plant derivative phylogeny. Being an older work, … Continue reading

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“Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

When you can’t afford to launch a satellite to a planet six lightyears away, you learn to make your own satellite photos. Thankfully, I’ve had some practice. Last year I did a 50-50 series of geological landforms in relief on … Continue reading

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Old News

The Polyxena archersnake is nothing new; in fact it’s one of my earlier creations. It has a page now detailing its life cycle and place in the food web and will probably get more art in the future.  

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It’s aliiiive

Odyssey III Yes, this is finally going to be a thing. It doesn’t have enough entries in it to make a story, but I’ll publish it long before I consider it finished, so people (i.e. my mom and maybe one … Continue reading

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…to everyone who stumbled upon this site while trying to do actual research on real things. Also, apologies for this not being a real update, mostly due to a blockage of some sort in the outflow valve where words spill … Continue reading

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Black’s Anatomy

Earlier this year I sold one of my best drawings, Life on Other Worlds, and though I got a good chunk of change for it, I found myself missing it dearly. That’s a rare occurence – usually I’m glad to … Continue reading

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