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“Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

When you can’t afford to launch a satellite to a planet six lightyears away, you learn to make your own satellite photos. Thankfully, I’ve had some practice. Last year I did a 50-50 series of geological landforms in relief on … Continue reading

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It’s aliiiive

Odyssey III Yes, this is finally going to be a thing. It doesn’t have enough entries in it to make a story, but I’ll publish it long before I consider it finished, so people (i.e. my mom and maybe one … Continue reading

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Update Log – 1/10/16

I got business cards! They’re from Moo and are really nice quality, if a bit pricey. I also ordered stickers, should get here soon. Art New spiraform mobile fruit fan art by sceynis-yis! Ilion Three new Polyxena firebear pics in … Continue reading

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Update Log – 1/5/16

It’s amazing what four days off can do! Not much to say here, just getting back into the rhythm of writing and arting. Travelogue New content in Odyssey II under “Debugging” “Taxa Notes – Blue Footed Thrax” in Odyssey I … Continue reading

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Update Log – 10/28/14

Since my last update in September, I’ve added…? I must have done something. Ah, here we go. Odyssey “Debugging” in Odyssey II. I owe this one to a reader on Deviantart who suggested that an infestation might disable the radios, … Continue reading

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Update Log – 9/20/14

I decided that Odyssey II, while not finished, is a complete enough story to be published at last. Instead of tacking it at the end of Odyssey I where it used to be, which made editing a royal pain in … Continue reading

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