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A Steady State

It feels good to be back in the “always something in the pipeline” state. My top secret “Drafts” page is in a constant state of flux which is always a good sign. Among these is a draft for a story … Continue reading

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Framing Device #2

Update Log Odyssey Introduced a minor character or sorts, a star walrus named Nine, who features in one of the coloring book pages.

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On Writer’s Block and Sodium Acetate

Let’s talk about chemistry for a second. Normally, when you dissolve a salt in water, there’s only so much you can put in before it gets saturated. If you make the water warmer, you can dissolve a little more salt … Continue reading

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Musings about Dialogue

This week on Things I Learned On The Fly: how to use dialogue tags and punctuation to regulate the tone and pacing of dialogue First, let’s start with something simple. Two lines of dialogue between a therapist and patient, perhaps. … Continue reading

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Update Log – 1/5/16

It’s amazing what four days off can do! Not much to say here, just getting back into the rhythm of writing and arting. Travelogue New content in Odyssey II under “Debugging” “Taxa Notes – Blue Footed Thrax” in Odyssey I … Continue reading

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Update Log – 8/1/15

Odyssey I I replaced a passage in “Sick Leave” and made some edits to surrounding parts. I didn’t think I’d mess with this part again, but it’s so pivotal and I wasn’t happy with some parts. Still aren’t, actually. This … Continue reading

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Update Log – 3/1/15

Odyssey I Recordings in “Message in a Bottle” and “Guinea Pigs” Threw “Out of the Woods” to the wolves. It had some good parts but murdered the pacing. Art The old Art page is gone. It was just a bunch … Continue reading

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