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Includes all updates to the Odyssey stories.

“Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

When you can’t afford to launch a satellite to a planet six lightyears away, you learn to make your own satellite photos. Thankfully, I’ve had some practice. Last year I did a 50-50 series of geological landforms in relief on … Continue reading

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It’s aliiiive

Odyssey III Yes, this is finally going to be a thing. It doesn’t have enough entries in it to make a story, but I’ll publish it long before I consider it finished, so people (i.e. my mom and maybe one … Continue reading

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Black’s Anatomy

Earlier this year I sold one of my best drawings, Life on Other Worlds, and though I got a good chunk of change for it, I found myself missing it dearly. That’s a rare occurence – usually I’m glad to … Continue reading

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The Story that Snuck Up on Me

Sometimes I wonder if I’m just writing self-indulgent wank. But then I realized, you can’t win as a writer. Either you’re writing something that doesn’t interest you, in which case you’re a sellout, or you’re writing what you love, which … Continue reading

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Researching for your book + confusing the ad networks

When you’re not writing what you know, you should at least be knowing what you write.  And in this era, there is no excuse to skip this step. For basic facts (“how many lightyears to Barnard’s Star?”), the information you … Continue reading

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An Even Longer Distance

A while back, I started writing a piece for Travelogue that ended up being way longer than the average passage. It would have thrown off the pacing like nothing else – “why are we still on this character?” – if … Continue reading

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A Steady State

It feels good to be back in the “always something in the pipeline” state. My top secret “Drafts” page is in a constant state of flux which is always a good sign. Among these is a draft for a story … Continue reading

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