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“Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

When you can’t afford to launch a satellite to a planet six lightyears away, you learn to make your own satellite photos. Thankfully, I’ve had some practice. Last year I did a 50-50 series of geological landforms in relief on … Continue reading

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A Steady State

It feels good to be back in the “always something in the pipeline” state. My top secret “Drafts” page is in a constant state of flux which is always a good sign. Among these is a draft for a story … Continue reading

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Sliding back into harness

A lot has happened since my last real update. New job, living with my parents again (temporarily!), still paying rent for a house I no longer live in. Commissions and art shows up the tail pipe, a new 50-50 series … Continue reading

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Update Log – 7/24/15

With 50-50 coming to a close, I will soon be able to work on big Ilion projects again. Next Monday is my last day, meaning it’s almost time to start illustrating the Beagle destinations. Haha, just kidding. Art marathon be … Continue reading

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Update Log – 6/13/15

It’s that time of year – 50-50 time! 50-50 is an annual juried art show put together by the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA. Ever year, 70 artists each make 50 6x6in works of art in a chosen theme … Continue reading

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Update Log – 2/1/15

I spent so much time these last few years writing, I almost forgot how to read. Well, that’s going to change. Since my last update I’ve read half a dozen novels and have a list for future reading that is … Continue reading

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Update Log – 5/26/14

  Odyssey Illustrations: Diorama in “Beacons” Removed several drawings that didn’t meet my quality standards or were outdatedMinor edits within Odyssey II Ilion Added internal links within “Species” so a reader could zoom in or out on the tree of … Continue reading

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