Worlds of progress

It might seem like this was my biggest hiatus yet, but I’ve actually been doing quite a lot offsite. So many worlds covered, and none of them are Ilion.


Regolith. September 2018.  The Moon.


Cabra. August 2018. It’s Ilion-adjacent, but I can’t think of where this should go on the site. Tel Kabri.

10 - Illyrius (Custos ruinae)

The New Colossus project. Feb-Jul 2018. The Forbidden Lands.




The Stars Below. 2016(?)-April 2018. Earth.


Tadpole rearing. My bedroom.

So I haven’t exactly been slacking, but I still wanted to get those critters of my desktop. Here’s the next two art-upgraded phylogenetic trees.

Phylogeny of Starruses

dapper whallabeast

Phylogeny of Thoracostomes


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1 Response to Worlds of progress

  1. Alison says:

    Tube-footed thraxes are a blessing… thank you for sharing your cool art! I hope all your tadpoles grow up healthy and strong.

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