“Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

When you can’t afford to launch a satellite to a planet six lightyears away, you learn to make your own satellite photos.

Thankfully, I’ve had some practice. Last year I did a 50-50 series of geological landforms in relief on 6×6 panels. I spent a lot of time hoarding aerial images of Earth, Mars, and other worlds. I figured out how to make some reasonably convincing replicas of these using various acrylic pastes and other materials.

I applied the same techniques to a much larger panel in the hopes of creating an image that would make Ilion more immersive – a “real” photo from space. This is the image in its raw form.


And this is the image after edits to soften the snowy areas and adjust color balance.


Odyssey II Landing Site

In galleries, this 40″x30″ painting will be displayed under the name “Snowycoast,” which is totally a respectable name for a serious work of art and not a payload map in Team Fortress 2.

PS: Do yourself a favor and go into google images and search ‘satellite photos that look like paintings.” You will not be disappointed.


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2 Responses to “Wow, that photo looks like a painting!…oh wait.”

  1. aurelle says:

    can you make a post about the process and materials used in making one of your sculptures?

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