A Steady State

It feels good to be back in the “always something in the pipeline” state. My top secret “Drafts” page is in a constant state of flux which is always a good sign. Among these is a draft for a story that’s too long to be included in the body of Travelogue but follows an Odyssey character and still belongs in there…somewhere. I decided it would work best as an intermission bridging Odyssey I and II. A story following a different character (or pair, possibly) will bridge II and III. If I ever get around to writing the third installment.

Coloring Book

I have completed ten of these images now.anglertongue

Odyssey I

New writings in “One-Way Trip” and “The Stakes”


Odyssey II Landing Site

Those contours took freaking forever. Photoshop has a clunky workaround that makes the lines smoother but it takes, like, ten clicks per line and boy does that add up. And then I had to manually change the color of all the text and icons because I am skilled at photoshop and know how to plan ahead.


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