Update Log – 12/31/15

It’s been four months since the last update. I can explain. Or, well, I’ll just let this speak for itself.



Thanks, Bioware.

But really, though, taking a break from writing and drawing to consume some media isn’t a bad idea. It’s how I keep from stagnating. My writing improves tremendously with each book I read and, yes, each video game I play. 2015 was a great year for genre movies, too. The Martian! The Force Awakens! Mad Max Fury Road! Now I’m ready to get back into this project with a full tank of gas and an entire new year ahead of me.

This coming year should see some changes, and positive ones I hope. If you read the forum post above you might have gleaned that I’m getting a bit bored at my current job. It’s not bad but it’s not very enriching either. A bit like living in a rat cage, actually. My needs are provided for, the compensation is decent, and for the most part I’m physically comfortable. But I work underground, in a confined, sterile space with the same half dozen people who, while they’re easy company, are the only faces I see for 40 hours a week. And a few hundred mice. Sound familiar?

Yeah, I could never do the Odyssey thing in real life. I would go bonkers.

If all goes well, by the end of 2016 I will have a more interesting job, a car, and some more art under my belt. I’m preparing for a solo show at the Sanchez Art Center in Pacifica, CA, my first solo show ever. The theme is “The Future History of Human Spaceflight” and it will feature 2-dimensional artworks documenting the history of manned space exploration from Vostok 1 to Odyssey. Unfortunately the space does not allow for 3D works. That’ll have to wait for another time. I’m also submitting applications to a few different juried exhibitions to get my work to a new audience. Wish me luck.

New Year’s Resolution #1: Buy a car and get the hell out of dodge


I’ve come to accept that some of my characters are more, er, talkative than others. It’s not reasonable to expect everyone to want to write in their diaries all the time. So I’m thinking of ways to pay more or less equal attention to all the characters (it’s a bit skewed toward some of the earlier-written ones at the moment). I think the main thing is I just need to get to know the less developed ones better.

New Year’s Resolution #2: Get to know Grant Irwin better

Since the last update I’ve added some polish to Travelogue, with some bits added here, taken away there.


New brittle tree illustration

brittle tree

I take pride in giving attention to plants and animals alike, microfauna and megafauna alike, land and sea life alike, but haven’t done much with single celled organisms. Mostly it’s because my educational background is with things I can see with my eyes, and microbiology is a bit of  a mystery to me.

New Year’s Resolution #3: Get to know Ilion’s single celled life better


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