Update Log – 5/30/15

So I’ve been really, really bad about logging my updates lately. I’ve actually been doing quite a lot with Ilion since last March. I made some edits to the stories, though I can’t remember exactly what. Shame on me.


New page Geography which provides an overview of the different regions of the globe. And by globe, I mean a real, physical 8″ globe that I painted a couple weeks ago on top of a decorative globe I bought at a furniture store.


This globe is the new canon that I will base all other maps on. This means my ugly-ass MS Paint biome maps will need to be revamped. I’ve already started that project and it involves mapping the lightside hemisphere to a sterographic projection which, although distorted, will show more of the land area than can be seen with just a view from space.

An assortment of colorful sketches has been added to several of the clades that span from single-celled life to plants and animals. There are no descriptions, just pictures. A medley of all of them is available as a print on deviantart.

Life is not Black and White sm

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One Response to Update Log – 5/30/15

  1. April says:

    Pa says of the single cell plans, “More wall paper.” I say, “Drawer liner.” Awesome!

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