Update Log – 2/1/15

I spent so much time these last few years writing, I almost forgot how to read. Well, that’s going to change. Since my last update I’ve read half a dozen novels and have a list for future reading that is growing faster than I can whittle it down.

I am in the process of changing the way Travelogue is formatted. In the past, I have always “signed” each entry with the writer’s name and the date or day planetside at the end of the passage. I’ve come to realize that a reader might spend the first paragraph or two, or even the entire entry, having no idea who’s speaking. That’s a problem and the most obvious solution is to put the name tag at the front. WordPress only has limited options when it comes to font, etc., and after putting the question to my watchers on deviantart, I settled for this:

Emily Holland
February 1, 2015

…followed by the journal text. It’ll take some time before I get the whole thing reformatted, but it’s as good an excuse as any for another good old fashioned editing spree.

Helen of Troy

Helen of TroyHelen has a mission patch now, and some updated information. It can be found in Helen of Troy and Exploratory Missions.


Phylogeny of Beakers


Illustration in Four Small Steps

Baby Steps

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