Update Log – 8/17/14

Devil DagritesIlion

Devil’s archer was clogging the Monodonts page so now it has its own.
Added related species to Devil’s Archer


Added to Taxa Notes

Overhaul Report #2

You may have noticed I changed the name of Commander Kim. The reason is simple: there were not enough women. There are still not enough but she’s the only one I haven’t illustrated in some form so I’m stuck with this sausagefest until the next story.

This is my latest progress. It comes right before the meeting minutes from last update.

KSJ: Taking off in Sunset is out of the question, but I can still land Sunrise.
ESC: You sure about that?
KSJ: Yes. I did a couple of runs in the simulator and it is doable. The main challenge is knowing where you are. For that, I will need someone to play capcom and direct me to your location.
AO: What good will that do if you can’t leave again?
KSJ: Sunrise has cargo space. I can supply you with provisions and spare parts. We’ll ride out the storm together and figure out an escape plan from there. Am I correct that you have food for a month?
CLM: About. Shouldn’t that be enough?
KSJ: I’m afraid not.
YY: How could a month’s supply not be enough?
KSJ: This storm of yours, it’s not your average blizzard. Trust me when I say you’re going to need more than a month.

Recording, 8:00 Day 91

The polar havens were built to endure extreme cold and sustained winds of 100kph. The practice of draping canvas over an arched frame is an old one, but the materials are by no means old fashioned. Similar structures have braved Antarctic winters, one after another, with no sign of wear. The Odyssey II base camp was designed with Polyxena in mind, retrofitted endure high winds that would blow consistently from the west. The engineers based their work on the climate model developed from limited data collected by Odyssey I.

The climate model was wrong. Nobody expected a tropical storm to derail and travel against the rotation of the planet. Given three months to study the weather patterns, I see why this happens now, but nobody could have predicted it from the three-odd weeks of data the meteorologists had to work with. Furthermore, these anomalies appear to be cyclical. We just came at the wrong time.

The ground crew assembled the polar havens in an area sheltered from eastward winds. Now the wind is coming from all directions and it’s sandblasting the canvas with ice crystals. If the canvas breaches the crew can seal off havens one by one but if all three breach, they will have no choice but to strap on their masks and bundle up. Right now they’re running around the perimeter trying frantically to patch the threadbare material so they can restore their habitat to a livable state. At least that’s what I’m picturing. In reality I have no idea what they’re doing because I haven’t talked to any of them in two days. There’s no answer when I call. Not from base camp, not from Sunset. There’s no convincing proof they’re alive at all, but I can be hopeful, right?


– Kim Seong-Ja (Day 93)

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One Response to Update Log – 8/17/14

  1. aprilholland@comcast.net says:

    Hi Emily, I really like the Kim passage. You’re getting much better at character insight. I’m also appreciative that you include the passages in the update log, so I don’t have to search. Hope you got home safely. Our ride home was reasonable. Love you!

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