Update Log – 7/27/14

This is the first all-story-and-no-spec update in a long, long time. Maybe it’s just coincidence, but the fact that I’m reading books again probably has something to do with it.


New Passages:
in “Looking Forward”
“Learn to Live”

These entries fill two of the few remaining holes in the Odyssey I endgame (day 14+) and any future additions in that area will probably be minor. Actually I think I can say that Travelogue Part 1 is nearly complete. I still need to write Vander’s letter. The beginning needs the most work, mostly due to pacing problems. It will probably take some cuts before I declare it finished. Then I can move on to the big Odyssey II overhaul, just in time for winter.

And now on to the fun part. Always the scientist, I spent the week experimenting with new ways to tell a story. This spawned two spinoff projects:

The Other Red Planet contains excerpts from a book written by the sister of one of the Odyssey astronauts. It is an experiment in nonfiction style third person writing. In my mind the book is a hefty hardcover full of photographs from the missions but I cannot reproduce those without studio magic and actors who look like the characters as I’ve drawn them. So plain text will have to suffice.

Taxa Notes is the collected field notes of Alex O’Hearn, biologist of Odysseys I and II. If you’ve read Travelogue you might recognize this as the label I give to unsigned creature and ecology descriptions. The page will include these along with the minute-to-minute notes that Alex takes as he tries to make sense of the alien world around him. I am writing them in roughly chronological order. In the future there might even be illustrations in the form of model specimens and samples, but no drawings.

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