Even the title is edited (two years later!)

Edits are a given. I think I get more joy out of editing than writing sometimes. I even edit these update logs (this sentence is itself an edit). One of my biggest planned edits is an overhaul of the Odyssey II story. This is why I haven’t been writing inside of it for a while. There’s a lot wrong with it and it needs to be torn down and rebuilt. Like with any remodeling project, it will get messier before it gets cleaner and I’d rather roll it out when it’s done than turn my website into a construction site.

I’m reading a book right now, The Martian by Andy Weir, and it’s making me rethink the design of the Odyssey missions, particularly the second one. It’s just poorly thought out. Real life space missions prepare for every contingency imaginable and there’s no excuse for how unprepared the crew of Odyssey II are for what they face. Their predicament should be the result of ignorance (mistakenly believing based on limited data that storms on the planet only blow eastward, for instance), not stupidity. Most of the sub-adventures will stay intact, but the overarching story is going to change. Like, a lot. Brace yourselves. (Yourself? Is anyone actually reading these posts besides my mother?)

Prey RecognitionIlion

Added Reproduction and Prey Recognition to the section on devil’s archer in Monodonts


“The Fallen”

Chamber of Lost BalloonsIllustrations:
in “The Fallen”
Replaced the diorama in “One-Way Trip” with a new photo using my shiny new camera and the archer tree diorama as a backdrop. That diorama is the diorama that keeps on diorama-ing.

Taking Him Home


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