Taking invasion of privacy to a whole new level

With a full-time job, an art marathon in full swing, friends who have the summer off, and a need to eat, cook, and sleep, you’d think I would have no time left for side projects.

And yet I can always find time to write and illustrate if I feel so inspired. Sometimes it hits me right as I’m about to fall asleep, like a hypnic jerk, and next thing I know the light’s back on and I’m typing away in bed, or scrawling a draft in my sketchbook if my laptop isn’t handy. Sometimes it creeps in while I’m doing repetitive tasks at the lab. The nice thing about manual labor is it leaves my mind free to wander. What’s not so nice is when exhaustion hits in the middle of the workday because I spent all night writing in someone else’s diary.


“Red-Letter Day” (more letters will be added as I write them)
in “Hidden Depths”
in “Survey” (previously “Uphill”)
in “Double Blind” (minor addition)

“Ghosts” is now called “Team Spirit”
Minor edits throughout Odyssey I


Examples added to Starruses

A Selection of Starruses


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2 Responses to Taking invasion of privacy to a whole new level

  1. aprilholland@comcast.net says:

    I particularly enjoyed Red-Letter Day!

  2. aprilholland@comcast.net says:

    Also Starruses

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