Update Log – 5/24/14

Changes! Changes! Read all about it!


I’ve taken advantage of the three-day weekend to do some serious renovation of my site. It is clean and presentable now, even if the project itself will never be truly finished.

The Home Page is now a landing pad for visitors instead of a sudden drop into the icy waters of Ilion. It has links to the major pages along with a teaser image and brief description for each.

Ilion, the former home page, was getting bloated, so I split the page into Life, Biomes, Missions, and Species. It is now much easier to navigate, and also edit. I used to have to wait for all the images to load before adding anything or else the page would jump around as the boxes filled in. Now, there is less content on each page so that is no longer an issue.

Backstage is gone. I looked it over and decided it was no longer relevant so I set it to “private.” I might introduce a new Backstage page in the future but it will have up-to-date content instead of pictures of the cartoony dioramas I made before I learned how to diorama.

DioramaThis Again -  Approaching Ice

Can you spot the difference?

DioramaThis Again - Polyxena Base Camp

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One Response to Update Log – 5/24/14

  1. aprilholland@comcast.net says:

    Nice redesign. It’s cool that you have a chunk of time to work. Pa and I are going to Home Depot to spruce up the porch flowers today. Jessie comes in tonight. Can you believe Jessie’s wedding is in a week?! Love you Em!

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