Another Dimension

My god, does real life have a knack for writing the plot. While I struggled (unsuccessfully) to learn how to drive a car in two weeks, I wrote a little story about one man’s struggle to learn how to fly a spaceship in two days. Coincidence?


“Fright or Flight” – In this episode, Luo joins Erin in the Third Dimension. Will they survive? Do the other characters have any chance of finding their way to this mysterious realm of wonders? Stay tuned!
“Beyond Repair” – Removed. A truncated version can be found in “One Way Trip.” This was one of the many ripple effects of writing “Fright or Flight,” which also necessitated edits to “140 Proof” and “Quarantine.”

moonVander Logs:
in “Road Trip”
above “Stories”


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  1. says:

    Way to turn defeat into success!

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