Update Log – 1/11/14

Why must drawing people be so damn frustrating? I’ve been wanting to do a crew portrait for a long time and thought that maybe now I’m ready. It seems that I wasn’t. This is take 2 and I am most definitely not happy with how it turned out. You do not want to see take 1.

not a chance

I will probably never be ready so you’ll have to use your imaginations or try and extrapolate their features from blurry N-scale figurines. Have fun.

get your microscopes out

Alex, you’ve got something in your teeth.


anything bigger and they stop looking like humans


New passages:
“Time Travel”
“Left Behind” – replaced Erin’s passage and part of Vander’s

New illustrations:
in “Safe Haven”
Dragon RockVander logs:
Before “Time Travel”
in “Road Trip”
before “Yet So Different”

I spent a good few hours cleaning up this page. It was a bit of a mess: some cladograms that were captioned “click to enlarge” weren’t actually clickable. The “Missions” section now contains information on Aeneid I, the Helen of Troy, and Phoenix. You wouldn’t believe how much time I spent just coming up with names (I use this site if you were wondering). I also included some illustrations that somehow never made it to this site. It’s not worth listing each one and if you’re reading this, you’ve probably already seen them elsewhere anyway. That is, if anyone actually reads these logs (besides you, Mom). Do you? If so, don’t be shy! I’m always looking for feedback. It doesn’t have to be a point-by-point critique; even an innocent question can do wonders. A question tells me what’s confusing the reader, what’s catching their interest, what’s missing, and whether my characters are behaving in a logical and believable manner.

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One Response to Update Log – 1/11/14

  1. aprilholland@comcast.net says:

    Love Erin’s passage in Left Behind- rounds out her character. I bet your own job search helped with this one. In Vander’s passage, you might consider replacing “Not a whole lot of people” with “Not many people”.

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