Update Log – 12/31/13

The new year comes with new passages, illustrations, a book cover, and even a title for the story of the first two missions to Ilion. Even though it will probably never see the printed page, I decided to make a full paperback cover mockup. You know, because why the hell not.


A month ago, I jumped on the bandwagon and bought a pair of Moleskine notebooks. One of them belongs to me, but the other, I gave to the character Michael Vander to fill as he pleases. What I got in return was a new kind of illustration and more importantly, a new direction for the character. And that’s good, because I had no idea what to do with him before. Boy, was he bland. I just couldn’t find an ounce of personality in his regular diary entries. I think this will help.


It’s too bad he has to have the same awful handwriting as me, though.


New passages:
“Home Base” (formerly in “Points of Interest”)
in “Sick Leave”

New Vander Logs:
above “Resilience”
above “Ghosts”
above “Toast”
above “Naming Rights”
above “Nothing to Say”
in “Looking Forward”

New Illustrations:
Cover art
in “Home Base”

Edits:Vastly improved the quality and consistency of many pen illustrations, removing graying and color cast. It looks much more professional now, but some drawings will need to be scanned again or scrapped completetly.

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