Homer’s Odyssey

So, here I am, knee-deep in grad school applications. But instead of writing my personal essays, I wrote two passages for Odyssey. Why is it that I have no trouble writing in the first person if it’s about someone else, but when I’m writing about myself I freeze up like I’m on stage at the Disney Concert Hall?

Phylogeny of Stalkers

Edits, edits, edits! Editing is my cure for writer’s block. Rereading helps me get back into the story, and besides, it builds character. Literally. I think I’m finally getting the feel for that strange, alien concept known as “character development.” By the way, I’d like to give my congratulations to the character Erin Carellos for entering the Third Dimension.


You hear that, guys? Yes, you, Other Characters. The bar has been raised. Your two-dimensional personalities just won’t cut it anymore. I’m not calling this story finished until I have eleven round characters to show for it.

New passages:
“Sick Leave”
in “The Messenger” (formerly “Words”)
in “Playing Vet”
“Taxa Notes – Creaky Door Disease”

New illustrations:
in “Four Small Steps”

This is a new page for my experiments in film, music, and anything else that doesn’t fall under writing and illustration. It can be found under the Art tag.


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