The bridge thing is a myth, but still a useful metaphor

This update’s not quite as overdue as the last one. With most of the main story written out, I am entering a new phase of this project: turning it into a finished product. What’s this? I’m done writing? Well, not really. Illustrating, editing, and filling in the gaps is going to be a pretty intensive process. To do so I will need to:

  • Develop the characters. Unlike some writers, I can’t spontaneously give live birth to a fully grown character. It takes time and thought.
  • Fill in the cracks so that everything flows nicely. In its current state, the story has more potholes than Bush Street. I don’t want any readers busting their tires on poor transitions.
  • Achieve a consistent art style. This means reducing all illustrations to three or four media, re-scanning every ballpoint pen drawing so they all have the same tint and contrast, and replacing illustrations (and dioramas) that are no longer up to par. This process could take years. Hell, it could take forever because I’m rarely happy with what I made six months ago, let alone three years. It’s like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.
  • Learn how to draw people.

New passages:

New illustrations in:
“Points of Interest”
“Safe Haven”
“One Way Trip” (formerly Through the Heart)
Life – Rainforest (front page)

And edits all around.

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