The tuna wasn’t so bad

It’s been three months since I’ve updated this site. While I’ve been hard at work on an art exhibition, I’ve still found some time for a bit of the old speculative evolution. In that time, I put together:

Phylogeny of motilia
Phylogeny of red plant derivatives (revised)

It’s been even longer since I’ve touched the story. Sometimes when I sit on a project for that long, I get that creeping fear that when I return to it, I’ll find that it’s utter crap and what was I thinking for writing it in the first place, anyway? It’s like the three-week-old tuna casserole you’re afraid to look at, even if just to throw out. I let this sucker fester in the back of my fridge for three months.

Then I came to my senses and spent three late nights editing the hell out of Odyssey. With an adverb machette in one hand and a fluff blower in the other, I went to town on the entire 25,000 word story. I sent five instances of the word “frigid” to the Shelter for Pet Words to be adopted or put down, depending on demand. I can tell it was a fruitful edit because even with the addition of several new passages, the word count came out the same in the end. Success!

New passages:
Wake-Up Call
140 Proof
Free Fall

Taxa Notes – Sawback Thrax
Plant Diversity on Ilion

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