Update Log – 1/27/13

So yeah…it’s been over a month. I’ve actually been very busy with this project, but it’s going in a new direction now. You see, I’ve joined a forum called Speculative Evolution. It’s a place where biology nerds get together to hash out ideas for extraterrestrial ecosystems, alternative dinosaurs, future evolution, and intelligent aliens. See it for yourself. There are a multitude of great projects to delve into if you’re interested in that sort of thing.

So the deal is…Ilion’s going global. I’m no longer just writing stories for the first two expeditions. I’m going from continent to continent, from clade to clade, creating a living and working biosphere to inhabit the planet. I haven’t yet decided how or where I’ll be posting this stuff, but for now, you can follow the thread for some interesting discussions and updates on the project. Maybe I’ll turn this into a proper blog, or make a new one.

Meanwhile, I’ve made some minor edits to the story and added a new subpassage to “Hidden Depths” and two diorama illustrations to “Trojan Horse” to replace the old one.


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2 Responses to Update Log – 1/27/13

  1. April says:

    Will I need to be a Speculative Evolution member to receive future updates?

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